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CNC Turning

Samex offers turning services using 23 modern CNC lathes. The maximum turning diameter is 36"; Samex also offers internal machining up to 40" per side.

CNC Milling

We are equipped with 3-, 4-, 5- Axis CNC milling machines. Samex provides unparalleled milling expertise to tackle any task.


Samex performs threading for drill pipe accessories. We have the skills and machinery to produce API or a variety of standardized threads.

Shaping/Slotting Services

Our shaping and slotting services include creating inner and outer splines in addition to keyways.

Quality Assurance

Our quality certified   management system is robust. Samex offers comprehensive quality assurance services on all shipped products.

Live Tooling

Samex's lathes are capable of live tooling where necessary for manufacturing your product. Live tooling provides flexibility in production cost.

CAD/CAM Interfacing

CAD/CAM allows us to program our CNCs rapidly. Designs as complicated as PDC drill bits are trivial for us to manufacture with our expertise in CAM software.

Oilfield Specialized

Our 25 years of experience comes primarily from the manufacturing of fracking tools, PDC drill bits, stabilizers and other related oilfield products.

Hardness & Microhardness Testing

We are capable of performing hardness & microhardness testing with our in-house metallurgical lab.



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5604 34 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6B 3S9

Phone: 780-413-4880
Fax: 780-665-6017


5604 34 Street NW                     
Edmonton, AB  T6B 3S9


Phone: 780-413-4880

Fax: 780-665-6017


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